First Caps Game EVER!!! Honk. Honk. Honk!

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, October 18, 2011

OMG! I went to my first Caps game! It was amazing. It was crazy. It was worth a blog post. So many thoughts, so many feelings... But, I should probably start at the beginning of the story.

It started out randomly. An acquaintance asked me if I wanted to go to a Caps game. Although I wasn't a big fan of the guy, I decided "Why Not!". I immediately went to Twitter (@TheDugsMusic) and found out some of the intricate details of "Rocking the Red". The details were vague. Rock the red. You know like get red, and rock it. Ummm Ok.

After hearing this I knew what I had to wear... (as recommended by Caps basketball fashionista @lanaEile)

I put on my South Park undies, but that didn't feel complete. So I went down to the local sporting goods store and purchased a Caps shirt. I was gonna get a jersey-tee but I wasn't feelin having Semin written on the back of my shirt. My plain shirt would be just fine...

I have been to games at the Verizon Center probably 100 times, all Wizards games/Georgetown games/Wrestling pay per views/Disney on Ices. But this was my first Caps game. I didn't know what to expect.

And sadly Caps fans...This was my first vision. Two dudes sharing an ice cream cone in front of our seats. (Rockin the Sherbert?!)

I'm pretty sure those bros were totally cool, but I was getting a little worried. There were like 12 people in our section with backpacks. Adults with backpacks? That just ain't right.

The opening video got me all riled up and I was ready to go. Then within 1 minute of the opening period some jerk in the top row threw a beer as far as he could (like a baby) which went about only 14 rows down. It spilled on everyone below. We looked up and it was a guy with a blue grandma sweater and Weezer glasses on. He had not thrown a beer but a 6 oz Wine Spritzer. I guess he was upset they were serving Barefoot and not Yellowtail. I guess he wanted Pink Zinfendel but all they had was White!? I didn't think he was a typical Caps guy, but he was with a group of 20 other people in flannel shirts and backpacks (not rockin the red) and my first impression. Our section was the worst. Those guys had seen less hockey than me (4 games)!

After they threw the wine and security was on them, they became total "scaredy cats". I want to say bad words but people are actually reading this so I won't. But they stopped their BS (Bad Shenanigans). Oh by the way there was a hockey game, and the Caps scored first!

Another thing I noticed during the game also had nothing to do with the game. During the intermission where kids were doing a shootout I noticed something. None of the kids took a wide sweep to the left and then attacked from a crazy angle. And many of the kids scored! Gasp face! Ovi...did u see!

I will conclude the recap with these 2 idiots dressed as pucks. One of them got DQ'd for doing something illegal. I'm obviously kidding, I'm concluding with the fact that as I left the arena the Caps were 5-0. As we drove home horns on 395 honked 3 times, but NOW I knew what that meant.

LETS GO CAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you had a great time. If you want crazy go to a game when the Pens come to town. And pray the pens don't win, because if they do those jerk fans turn out in droves across the street from verizon center, at which point you're thinking to yourself "maybe I do support predator drone strikes"?

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