The Year I Won A Gold Medal & The Florida Panthers

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Back in 2008, myself along with a few classmates of mine had the honor of representing the United States in Beijing for the 2008 Summer Olympics. We spent that summer hanging with Kobe Bryant, Carmelo, and 0 Washington Wizards. We were dominant on the basketball court. I must have thrown about 20 alley-oops in those games...At least this was according to Wikipedia at some point in time (and was up for like 4 days, our professor made us do it)...

So keeping that in mind, I found some interesting facts about Florida panthers on wiki. You can always tell a lot about a team by its mascot...
  • Cam Newton is the Quarterback
  • Florida Panthers are endangered, and lack the ability to roar (lame!)
  • Most Florida Panthers weigh only 160lbs, should be easy to check them into the boards
  • Florida Panthers eat deer and Wild Hogs (Dvd's?)
  • Florida Panthers are Cougars like Courtney Cox, which is so 2009 (everyone knows that Super-Grannies are in for 2012)
  • One of the reasons to get NHL 94' (everyone really only cared about playing as the Mighty Ducks)
  • Team was started by Blockbuster Video (off of the money we used to pay in late fees?)
  • At some point in time was co-owned by Jordan Zimmerman (The Nats Pitcher?)
See! Look at all that exciting knowledge about Florida panthers. That information should be really relevant to the game tonight, especially in a metaphorical way.

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One Hit Wonder said...

We did have quite the run in China...

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