Hockey At Halftime: Caps 7, Redskins 6

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Redskins are stinkin' it up against the Panthers right now and are losing at halftime. I'm pretty sure Rex Grossman knocked out John Beck, tied him up in the equipment closet, stole his uniform, and is currently playing. Why else is the QB play so terrible and there is no sign of Rex Grossman on the sidelines? (Hockey Blog)

So, instead of smashing my TV, maybe I'll talk about the DC team that doesn't disappoint. The Capitals do things like win, score, and not make me angry. In fact last night the Caps scored 7. Right now the Skins have 6. I know I don't know hockey, but I know Football is supposed to be higher scoring. Ya know?

Sadly, the Caps don't play until Thursday, and its not just 4 days away, it is also a late game. It is going to be a long, hockeyless week, and a terrible week in DC, especially if the Skins can't pull this off. Here is something to think about as you watch the rest of this terrible football game and twiddle your thumbs til Thursday night

Edmonton is the closest professional sports team to the North Pole, and would be a 24 hour road trip if you want to go. That means they are probably Santa's favorite team. (Yeah right he probably is a Penguins fan because "my dad liked the Penguins" not because of any affiliation with the city.)

Honestly who do you think is Santa's favorite team? If the Skins lose I'm gonna focus my thoughts on that question...

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