Hockey Blackout: Trapped In A Taco Bell Drive-Thru

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, October 14, 2011

Time was running out. I was sure that the intermission was over and I was missing some of the game. For some reason this fact caused my anxiety to flair out of control and I was started to get aggravated. I was sitting in my car, where I had been for the past ten minutes without moving an inch, in a Taco Bell drive-thru. My radio was playing the grating sounds of static and I was smashing the buttons in anger. I wanted to drive over the curb and through the trees to the road without my food so I could make it home in time. I was freaking out...

About 20 minutes before, I decided that I was going to head out during the boring Caps/Penguins intermission and get some money crunchy tacos and a 32oz Mountain Dew Baja Blast, the greatest soda ever made. My hunger defeated the dillema caused by hockey having 2 intermissions (I'll never get over this) so I left at intermission 1.

I knew that hockey intermissions were quite long, so I figured I could make it back in time without missing any action. This is the same thing I do when I leave at halftime of a Wizards game. As with the Wiz, my backup plan in case I didn't make it back in time was to listen to the start of the next period on the radio. No problemo...

I got in my silly new car and headed towards crunchy taco heaven. Intermission just started but I wanted to make sure I had the right station on the radio dial so I began to search for the game.

I put on 106.7 The Fan (Wiz & Nats station) and they were debating whether Zelda was better than Castlevania for Nintendo. That wasn't the game. Must be on ESPN 980...nope. I thought I might have to turn the car around and try again during intermission 2 (wait a benefit of 2 intermissions!!!)

But I was too hungry. I had plenty of time to search through the other stations. The game had to be on the radio right...RIGHT?!?

I circled around the FM stations in 80 seconds. At one point I let out a deep sigh of relief as I heard the person on the radio say "on the ice" Ahhh hockey. The voice began talking about some players I never heard of, but that didn't occur to me to be a sign that I was on the wrong station since I don't know any players. Then the talk got a little bit Devils and Kings heavy, which I soon figured out was because the game I was listening to was the Devils vs the Kings...WTF

For some reason, the DC FM radio station had a random hockey game on, and did not have the local Caps game on. Last year I would have laughed if someone was pissed that the Caps weren't on the radio, but now I was the one pissed. It better be on AM.

At this point we come back to the first paragraph. I am in the drive-thru, beginning my AM search. Science says that AM radio goes from a frequency of 520 all the way up to 1610, skipping every 10. So i started at the beginning and began the seek process. Little known fact. EVERY FREAKING STATION ON AM HAS SOMETHING ON IT!

550. Nope. Seek. 560. Nope. Seek. 570. Nope. Seek...Insert 10 minutes of some dick having problems with their order 3 cars in front of me and me displaying a lot of rage...1490. Nope. Seek. 1500. ... ... Wait ... wait ... no ... yes ...YES!!!!! I found it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mother F***********/ SWEEET. I had missed 2 minutes of the 2nd period and a goal. However the goal was by the Caps, so I got over it quickly. And soon after I had 8 crunchy tacos in my hands, I was pouring some delicious soda down my throat, and the Caps were blasting out of the silly new car stereo.

As I turned the TV back on at home I realized that I missed 2 minutes of the hockey season. A blackout that lasted way too long...


hockey yelling said...

ahaha, this was me after 30 seconds of my wireless fucking up last night 8/ gets to you so fast, doesn't it?

ll said...

Your Story is so me! I was asked to join a fantasy hockey league two years ago. Had never watched a "real" hockey game. Didn't know they had thirds instead of quarters. Three names in the entire league sounded slightly familiar. I drafted my team based on how cute they were. Our fantasy league manager was a Caps fan and friend of mine, and so that became my team to watch and learn from. I am now a hardcore hockey and Caps addict. I have a few silly crazy stories just like yours, so I got a kick out of reading your blog today. Keep the fun coming! Go Caps!

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