Week In Review & Super Follow Friday #FF

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, October 14, 2011

What a great start to being a hockey fan. The Caps are 3-0. I now know about 8 players which is way more than the 4 I knew coming in. I learned what the trapezoid is (kind of), what the sin bin is, that overtime is 4 on 4, the truth behind lower body injuries, and much much more. Plus I'm on well on my way to figuring out the eternal question "Does Sasha Care?"

I saw a goalie suck, and then not suck. I saw a guy get his face beat in and possibly pull out his tooth. I saw 3 overtimes. I saw a shootout. I saw an Ovi goal. I saw an Ovi smash. I saw a penguin fall into spikes. I saw other penguins fall in the standings. I saw 3 behind the goal bank shot goals! I even saw a mutant! AHHHHHHHHHHHH

I still have a long way to go so keep checking back with me and help answer my questions. I don't even know who Lord Stanley is, so you can see there is work to be done...

Thanks to the super-blogs Puck Buddys, Russian Machine, Yahoo Puck Daddy, Katie Baker on Grantland, and Stanley Cup of Chowder for getting people to check out the site. Hopefully some people come back.

While the blog is fun, I'm all about Twitter. I'm usually sending out my naive thoughts during all Caps games. @TheDugsMusic ...

It's a Follow Friday #FF so for week 1 you should follow all the cool people who tweeted about the blog!

As you can see, this list was generated by searching for "capsbasketball". The search didn't pick up all instances for some reason so thats why I left you out. Yes there were lots more people who #FF'd me, tweeted with me, and told people about @TheDugsMusic so go to Twitter to check all that out.


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