Hopefully Lightning Crashes

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, October 10, 2011

Last season I watched 9 hockey games. Some people came in during March Madness to the bar "rocking the red" and were disappointed that basketball was on the TVs. They were like, "Can you put the Caps on!" A regular season game. Everyone in earshot of this comment heckled them. That was the closest I came to watching double digit hockey games, since the Caps got killed by Tampa Bay. (That's a lot of math and a roundabout way to say something WTF)

I'm gonna let you guess what team the Caps played in 4 of the games I watched...Ding Ding Ding, the Lightning. (rhyme) This game tonight is all about revenge. This game tonight is not about revenge. This game is more important to my task of becoming a fan than it is for the Caps. But a win would be nice...

Some things that the Caps are gonna be singing pregame
  • "Meet me in St. Louis" - Judy Garland (first showtune on this blog ... so far)
  • "You can find me in St. Louis" - Nelly
  • "Oh, that St. Louis woman, with her diamond rings, She pulls my man around by her apron strings" - Cab Calloway, St. Louis Blues (OMG a song that is also a different hockey team)
So if you don't get it, the Caps have to smash up some Martin St. Louis. And can we switch "in" with "at" cuz it sounds kind of disgusting...

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