Caps Win! Other Team Still Rewarded...

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, October 10, 2011

The Caps pulled out the win in the season opener against the Hurricanes on Saturday night. That means 2 points in the standings and a great way to open the season.

However the Hurricanes were also given a point in the standings, even though they lost the game. Hockey people explain why this is the rule and how it works out, but despite that, I still don't like it. It just doesn't work into the American sports attitude of the winners are winners and the losers are losers. "Well you almost won, so here's a point". What if we gave all the Little Jimmies ribbons and metals just for participating in a game, even if they lose...oh we do that already? Wait what happened I blacked out.

The difference between a Caps win and a Wizards win in the home opener is that the Caps are kind of expected to win (10 straight home opener wins), and the Caps are expected to be a top team. When the Wizards win a home opener I stare at the standings page for hours at a time. Looking at them tied with 15 other teams for 1st place in the league at 1-0.

With the Wizards you have to savor every victory and enjoy the moment. With the Caps you kind of have to say "Is it (insert month the NHL playoffs start) yet"

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Fairbs said...

Lots of fans don't like the extra point. It makes some games worth 3 points and some worth 2 which makes little sense. My idea for improvement is if a Team wins in overtime they get 2 and the other 0. If you make it to shootout, each Team gets 1 and the winner of the shootout gets another as it is now. Hope you end up loving hockey. It's my favorite sport. -Andy.

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