Lightning Get Greased, Life Alert Roloson Defeated

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Caps beat the Lightning in a Shootout last night in a game that featured the Lightning scoring 3 bank shots from behind the red line of the goal.

The goalies both played pretty bad. I especially liked when 70 year old Lightning Goalie Dwayne "Life Alert" Roloson decided a couple times he was going to take a nap on the ice. On the first goal of the game he did the trusty "Old Man Belly Flop" save where he lay on his stomach for 10 seconds. "Help I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up"

He followed that up with a save that worked, the old "Invisible Coffin" save where the goaltender lays on his back with arms at his side mimicking a body in a coffin.

Instead of winning 5-5, the Caps won 6-5, which means at the end of the year the stats won't add up as only 5 goals were counted, but 6 goals were given. (I think). Hockey!

Well now we have 2 songs from musicals on this site...So I went with the punk/ska version this time. Anyways here are some notes from the game:
  • Is the penalty box really called the "sin bin"?
  • Did anyone else see a Cropp Metcalf logo fly off the glass and across the screen?
  • Name Marcus Johansson, Nickname MoJo? Why not MarJo?
  • When did the refs get mics, and is there a hockey version of Ed Hochuli
  • I love the Mock Cheer when Vokoun made a routine save after giving up 5 goals
  • 2 "Halftimes" Grrr


@NateHays said...

Love the blog so far! I'm a big Caps fan, and have been forever. Or since I went to my first game when I was 7 years old, which is pretty close to forever as far as my memory is concerned.

here's some answers to your questions:

1. Yes, it's called the sin bin. It's not as gratifying as it could be. I think they should spice it up with some strippers.

2. The logo that's superimposed on the back glass always shocks me too. Last season it was Microtech.

3. Hockey nicknames are usually really strange and at times stupid. Usually there's a "y" sound added to the end of a name, like Varly, or Ovie, or Greenie. When you can't add a "y," things make even less sense. Mojo sounds better than MarJo, which sounds like a lady. Mojo also sounds better than Marcusy or Johanssony.

4. Hockey's famous refs used to have huge mustaches. I guess that's the equivalent to Ed Hochuli's huge muscles.

5. Wait until the Caps light up a goalie early in a big game. You'll hear a "sing song" chant of that goalie's name. 2009 playoffs come to mind: "Lund-quist, Lund-quist."

6. Twice as many chances to get beer and pee without missing any action!

Bonus: Please hate the Penguins! Do this by Thursday night!

@NateHays said...

correction to number 6 above:

Twice as many chances to get your beer and (take a) pee without missing any action!

Chris Ford said...

The logo on the glass i guess by computers it kind of stays in the same spot, but at one point in the game it jumped off the window and flew across the rink. I thought it was on purpose, but none of the other logos did that, they all stayed on the glass.

Hmmm I like Marjo

I went to 1 caps game in my life, I don't know when it was but the uniforms were the old ones blue. I went because it was lower level, free, and included free beer.

@NateHays said...

The graphhic could have been a mistake. I'll look for it next game. I took a pic of the TV once when about seven John Erskine heads magically dotted the screen. I also have a pic of a fan standing up in front of the boards with "F*ck Duke" on his shirt. Quite possibly my favorite moment in the history of Capitals broadcasts.

Speaking of Capitals broadcasts, we really are lucky to have a great tandem in Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin. I've lived in Raleigh for the past year, and the broadcast here is lacking in comparison.

Stick with MarJo and let's hope it catches on. It makes a lot of sense.

Anonymous said...

This blog was linked from puckdaddy's site, so I decided to wander over since I'm a Caps homer.

Most people on the Japersrink blog, which is fantastic by the way, refer to Marcus as Mackan. I refer to him as JoJo because its quicker to say.

I read your interview on RMNB and you said your pretty good at being a hater. With regards to Tampa Bay, since they swept us last year in the playoffs they must absolutely be hated in every manner. The fact they scored those jerk goals from behind the goal line lastnight pisses me off, because that's exactly how they scored them in the playoffs last year and it just brings back horrible memories. It also makes me hate them more. Not to mention they employ Steve Downie, a pure goon. He wasn't much of a presence last night, which is great. You'll grow to dislike Tampa enormously since they are a division rival and they play us tough, but I don't think we see them again until January.

If you don't know who Matt Cooke is then you will by 7:05pm thursday, and you'll dislike him by 7:06pm. He's a penguins forward, which is bad enough, but he also happens to be the biggest cheapshotting douche in hockey. This led to lengthy suspensions for him last year. Pens fans pretty much always try to downplay his antics, but even they have realized his goonery last year was too much to admire. I'm assuming since you are a 'Skins fan you have a fairly high distaste for the Cowboys. Well, you should hate the Pens as much, if not more. Ovi calls them Shittsburgh, that should be enough information for any new Caps fan to know about how we should feel about the penguins.

Moving on, obviously hating the Flyers is a quality from birth for any human born outside of Philly, so that's a no brainer. But I think its imperative you have a huge dislike for the Canadiens. 1)They're from Montreal, 2)they employ the biggest pansy, and perhaps the most hated player in hockey, next to Matt Cooke of course, P.K. Subban, 3)their goalie is a coward, Carey Price, 4)they beat us in the 2010 playoffs after we held a 3-1 series lead, and no Caps fan should ever forget that.

Chris Ford said...

Agreed, although, I was born in Philadelphia

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