New V vs Old V

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, October 11, 2011

After 2 games, the average time it takes for DC Sports fans to cut bait with any player who isn't an all star, fans are already grumbling. We have a goalie controversy!!! We don't have a goalie controversy!!!

I don't think Neuvie's ball pop pusher goal stick can compete with the double walker goalie stick...

In the first game, after getting the surprise start, Nouvie (New V) played reasonably well saving 90% of the shots, and giving up 1 bad goal. In the second start Vokoun (Old V) let in 5 goals, a few terrible ones, with an 82% save rate and didn't really look too comfortable the whole game even on his saves. Is it only a case of Voktober?

(Varlomov had a 30 save shutout in his first game with the Avs aka 100% save rate)

So after a few goals last night, before the game was over, some Caps fans were starting to panic. Every incomplete pass from Grossman I yell "Put In Beck!" then after every Rex touchdown I yell "Beck would have thrown a pick". This looks to be what I will do with these goalies.

According to most people, Vokoun is going to get the majority of the starts this year, but I'm not buying in to that just yet. I've watched two hockey games, so I know, you stick with the hot goaltender. The first game Nouvie wasn't really on fire, but he did play better than Tommy V. I think you gotta go with Nouvie against the Penguins.

Beck vs Grossman was fun, so lets see if New V vs Old V turns out to be something, hopefully it helps both guys and helps the team since both will spend time in goal. And if the Skins can win with 3 Running backs, surely the Caps can win with 2 goaltenders (of course they can, and don't call me Shirley)

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hahaha "New V" and "Old V" that made me laugh lol

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