Opening Day Of My Caps Fandom!

DC Sports Nexus ---- Saturday, October 8, 2011

OMG. It is finally here. I've been waiting all year month week halfweek! Of course to get ready I spent hours reading all the links over at Jasper's Rink. I even thought about going to the game as tickets are still available.

For only $57 you can sit in the worst seat in the Verizon Center to watch the game! I know I'm gonna grab 3 of my best friends and pay the $200+ to see the first of a long 82 game season. You can even check in on Facebook to your seat!!! Wanna see who is in Section 422 Row M Seat 9? You can if you "connect to Facebook"
Actually it is better than a Redskins game price wise, stadium location wise, winning wise, not getting hit with a beer bottle wise, not waiting in line for 30 minutes to enter wise, and just about every other wise except for the actual sport being played.

Sadly I'm going to the middle of nowhere West Virginia, so I can't make the game. I ALMOST got a ticket. (fo real)

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