Red Wings Gives You Bulls

DC Sports Nexus ---- Saturday, October 22, 2011

Last night was a fun night. I went down to Chinatown to soak in some Capitals aura and meet up with some old friends. "Didn't you used to hate hockey," they foolishly exclaimed as I rocked the Caps glass. "I also 'used to' weigh 8 pounds" I returned like someone who sucks at jokes...

I looked at a hockey web site called and found out that tonight the Capitals are playing the Detroit Red Wings. What a "red wing" is I don't know, but this crazy web site said that they are undefeated at 5-0. Well this crazy guy already knows without looking at websites that the Caps are 6-0, making this a pretty intriguing game. (that is meaningless cuz its regular season)

Detroit is known for a lot of things. Players fighting fans, the TV show Hung, and I think M&M's are from there or something. I just hope people don't yell out "De-troit Basketball" at these games. We get it Detroit, there was a Super Bowl commercial about you where Eminem drives to the movies, you are cool.

Oh and If you go to the game tonight, well bring me. But secondly, if a fan in a Red Wings jersey comes up to you and asks you anything, its code for they are selling you drugs. That's how they do in Detroit Rock City. Rock don't mean rock n' roll.

If I had red wings I could fly, let me contemplate, I glanced in the cut and I see my homey Eight...Let's Go Caps!


Dustin said...

Don't be just another idiot who insults Detroit all the time. I like your blog, and you can make jokes, but come on. It's old. We're sick of hearing the digs on our city because our hockey team has been epic for 20 years.

Enjoy the game!

Jacob Wolf said...

This is the origin of the Red Wings' name:

"(Team Owner James) Norris had been a member of the Montreal Amateur Athletic Association, a sporting club with cycling roots. The MAAA's teams were known by their club emblem and these Winged Wheelers were the first winners of the Stanley Cup in 1893. Norris decided that a version of their logo was perfect for a team playing in the Motor City and on October 5, 1932 the club was renamed the Red Wings."

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