So Many Stars Even Our Stars Have Stars

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Shine Bright, Shine Far, Be A Star. Tommy V knows this great Tyra Banks/Lindsay Lohan mantra as he was named a star of the week in the NHL for his play last week. Great but...

I don't know why, but star of the week sounds so lame. Sounds like an American Idol thing, not a Professional Contact Sport thing. I guess the NHL is encouraging it's players to do what every 14 year old girl has as their favorite quote on Facebook; "reach for the moon, if you miss you will be among the stars." I feel like sports is more like, "reach for the moon, if you miss, better luck next year."

I'm not knocking The Vokoun's play or that he was recognized as a top player for the week, I'm knocking the whole "star" process. Let me get this straight. Each game awards 3 stars when the game is over. Then on they have 3 stars of the night. Then later they have 3 stars of the week. Then 3 stars of the month?! That's way too many stars. And as a commenter pointed out. There are even star points for Star Standings (Hi Varly)!!!! I think there are less stars in the sky!

Also, I'm wondering why there are 3 stars in each game? In most sports there is 1 MVP of the game. The other players who did well get talked about, but they aren't given an award. Can't pick one guy? Then Occasionally have dual MVPs (See Madden's Horse Trailer).

This 3 stars thing is similar to my opinion on the Overtime Points. In American sports we have Winners, and MVPs. We don't reward 2nd and 3rd place! Any thoughts from hockey fans?


ATP said...

Plus, you get points for being a star! So you can earn a spot on the star standings!

Chris Ford said...

LOL Star Standings

Dustin said...

I like 3 stars. It's kind of unique to hockey. It does a little more to emphasize the team. A strong game by one team will likely have 3 or more players contributing. I must paste this though, from an old LiveJournal entry. This made me laugh, it was from a post-game show on the radio after a Red Wings game.

March 2, 2008

Ken Kal: Our Save of the game, usually we give this to a goalie but tonight it's Andreas Lilja... [sound clip, banter, etc]

Paul Woods: You can't measure a guy by points and plus minus, tonight he had 21:14 ice time, no shots on goal, even on plus minus, but he's a solid defensive defenseman.

Ken Kal: Alright Paul, Who's your Star of the game?

Paul Woods: Niklas Kronwall, he had 2 assists and was a +3...

Fairbs said...

I like Dustin's first three points. I don't care for the weekly league wide three stars as I don't really care that much about the other NHL Teams. I'm not a league fan, I'm a Wings fan. The stars thing is fun to talk about or speculate about after a game. Like, I don't agree X deserved the 2nd star, ... I also think the star system plays into the respect thing hockey has (and used to have more of). The other Team often gets at least one star and sometimes all three if the home Team stinks it up in their building. People from the home Team are the ones picking the stars by the way. Not sure who exactly though.

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