A Washington Capitals Groupon, Hipsters Unite!

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My least favorite made-up word in the world is Groupon. I mostly hate it because people use it in a sentence like it is a real word. Sometimes a person will say it like 7 times in a conversation. People view that site, and if there is a Groupon for a Pumpkin Patch and the person is allergic to pumpkins they will buy it anyway.

It shows you savings, and forces you to Want those savings even if you don't really Want what is being grouponed! Do you realize if you didn't buy what you didn't want you would also save!? I'm gonna come out with a site called Nopon. On this site we offer you products, and when you try to buy them we say "Congrats, you don't get anything but you not only saved the discount but also [insert retail price of item] at Nopon!"

Oh this is a hockey blog not a consumer rant blog. The point is that today's groupon is Washington Capitals themed so I have to tell you about it. You can check it out here.

For $79 You Get:
  • ONE 400 Level Ticket to a Mon or Tue game against the Ducks, Blues, or Coyotes
  • A New Era Caps Hat (these hats suck and dont' fit..see nationals promotion)
  • A Caps Rally Towel (please do you really need another DC sports towel)
  • An Alex Ovechkin Winter Classic Bobblehead (Ok thats cool)
So is this deal worth it? Probably not. $80 for an upper level ticket to a weekday game against a non-popular team? I paid $25 to sit up there last Tuesday. Is the bobblehead worth $55 to you because the hat/towel are worthless. Don't forget that this is 1 ticket so you and your buddy are gonna spend $160 between the 2 of you...

Pay $80 and try to get in the lower level instead!

I'm sure some of you will get this, will enjoy the hat, will love the towel, and of course will love the bobblehead. It will be a great experience. For a poor guy like me, I'll find a better way.



Mimi said...

What about Cashpon?

Chris Ford said...

Cashpon has to do with the people not cashing in groupons thing. Nopon has to do with people buying things they don't want. Duh.

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