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DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Winnipeg Always Winter, Always Winter, Always Sleepy…" - My Winnipeg (Movie)

Pat Sajak's road trip to Winnipeg wasn't enough to help the Caps as they picked up their 5th loss in 6 games. Next time bring Vanna! The Jets won the game 4-1, and the Caps offense remained stagnant for the 2nd straight game, not even able to score on a one minute 5 on 3. Meanwhile the Jets dominated and Evander Holyfield Kane looked like a super hero scoring 2 goals & barely missing a hat trick on a shot off the post.

Alex Semin scored the first goal of the game to Caps fans delight, and then soon enough was in the box, this time for unsportsmanlike conduct towards a ref (talking s' in Russian?). It turned a Caps powerplay to a 4 on 4 by the way.

While Caps fans were firing the coach and trading players via Twitter, the Jets fans at the game appeared to be having a great time. They were loud & had a lot of chants, and when they showed Pat Sajak on the jumbo-tron it was the greatest day in Winnipeg history (according to the crowd reaction)

Every time Ovi touched the puck the crowd would boo him. At one point there was even an Ovi, Ovi, Ovi chant. This reminded me of the good old days during Wizards/Cavs playoff series at the Verizon Center. Any time Lebron James had the ball the crowd went nuts with the booing. That is what should happen if you are a great player. Although does Ovi deserve the respect boos?

Notes & Questions:
  • What is double shifting?
  • After the Semin goal, Locker called Sasha scoring in 10 straight games. Let's follow this.
  • I always look up in shock when I hear Locker say "shift" ... pronounced Sh*t...
  • Vokoun came in the game for Neuvy for about 10 seconds, which appeared to be a cheap way to get a free timeout. Is this correct?
  • Laich missed a shot and put his hands up to celebrate the miss...10 seconds later the Jets scored.
  • Is the glass/boards the same height & pattern at all arenas or does it vary?


Over_head said...

*What is double shifting?*

Staying on the ice for more then one shift. Often involves staying out with different linemate. So, everyone else on your line changes, but you stay out and the person you normally change with stays on the bench. When the Caps are behind they often double shift Ovechkin.

*is the glass/boards the same height & pattern at all arenas or does it vary?*

Height and pattern are the same, they must meet a standard. The "glass" is often slightly different material, the way they are mounted is different and the boards supports are often different. These differences impact how the glass and the boards "play". Some boards rebound the puck harder then others, some glass gives more than others which takes a lot out of checks, some glass supports stick out more then others which can cause a puck sent around the glass to bounce off at odd angles.

b_wags29 said...

Double shifting is commonly a center playing the 1st, then the 4th line in consecutive shifts. Instead of taking a normal shift, and waiting through the cycle, a player will come out for an irregular shift.

Yes, cheap time-out with the goalie swap. Especially if the arena has a "short bench" and the backup goalie sits near the stands, and not on the bench. It takes longer for the backup to get into the game...A.K.A. a cheap timeout.

futbolclif said...

Sajak is a big Caps fan, he shows up at Verizon regularly. Dunno about Will Arnett though.

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