Week In Review & Super Follow Friday #FF 6

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, November 18, 2011

The week starts Friday night and ends Friday morning...

Weekly Summary:

The Caps lost 3 out of 4 this week and are in a real slump. The Caps beat the Devils in Jersey, then lost the next night to the same team at home in overtime, picking up a pity point. Then the Caps traveled to Nashville & Winnipeg for two terrible offensive games and two losses. Luckily, or Sadly, I'm not sure which, the Caps continue the game every other day pace into next week.

From a personal standpoint something is starting to happen. Something odd. Somebody asked a question on Twitter about a NHL player injury. This player was not on the Caps. However, I somehow knew the answer. A few minutes later someone mentioned a NHL player, also not on the Caps, and I was passing on their Twitter name within seconds.

Also mark down the date. Thursday, November 17th. The day I finally was able to tell apart Locker & Joe B's voices. 17 Games!


Thanks to everyone who is a fan on Facebook and a follower on Twitter. I also have a Tumblr which I am figuring out how I am going to use. Thanks for answering my questions too. You should read some of the in depth responses people are writing. Very helpful. The 140 char answers help too! And special thanks to those people who are sharing posts on all the social networks!

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