Caps Get Spanked, And Not In A Good Way

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Toronto Maple Leafs destroyed the Caps on Saturday night as the annoying Toronto tugboat horn sounded 7 times on 2 different goalies. Three of the Leafs goals came on the powerplay, one came shorthanded, and three came in the final minute of each period.

The Leafs came out swinging with a goal in the first 2 minutes of the game, but a minute later Laich put one in the net to even the score. That would be the last time the Caps would see the net for the next 57 minutes aside from 2 times where they illegally knocked the puck in the goal after the goalie had covered.

In a game with 14 penalties you know Semin had to have at least one of those, and it didn't take him long as he dove in the opening minute.

The power play unit was a joke. They were not only shut out but on one PP the Leafs spent most of their time in the Caps D-Zone and got 4 faceoffs there. Plus they turned the puck over giving the Leafs a shorthander.

Vokoun (77%) was replaced in the 2nd period after giving up 4 goals, but that didn't prevent the Leafs from scoring on Neuvy (72%) 3 more times. On the other side, Leaf's goalie Jonas Brothers Gustavsson (97%) was on fire picking up 30 saves on 31 shots letting the Caps know "My Name Is Jonas!"

Game Notes & Questions:
  • There were only 6 teams til 1967! No wonder the Stanley Cup count is so skewed for the Canadians, Leafs, etc.
  • Despite leaving Maple Leaf Gardens 11 years ago, the arena was still mentioned like 30 times.
  • After you take a shot and miss are you supposed to just coast on the ice and rest? Cuz that is what Ovi does.
  • They need to change the name of the goalie cam to the Ass Cam.
  • Boudreau played in the NHL? Doesn't look like a player.
  • Is the ref signal for Unsportsmanlike a T, like a technical in the NBA? If so I plan to use my favorite basketball line "T him up ref!" at the next Caps game
  • If you are serving a double minor and the other team scores, you only get freed from 1 penalty?
  • Do all opposing teams fans hate Ovi or just Canadian teams?
  • I like the offsides camera freeze thing in soccer, can we bring that to the NHL?

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David Rothman, GMU MSW Student said...

On a double minor, it's like two consecutive 2-minute normal PP's. So if the team on the PP scores between 4:00-2:00, that 1st PP is over, but they still have their 2nd PP from 2:00-0. If they score after the 2:00 min mark (meaning the first PP was killed off by the PK team), that 2nd PP is over just like a normal PP.

...I probably could've explained that better.

The whole booing Ovi thing is a recent phenomenon outside of Pittsburgh. It started mid-to-late last season I would say.

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