Bruce Boudreau Literally Tries Everything & Fails

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, November 20, 2011

Four weeks ago, on Sunday, October 23rd, life was good. The Caps were 7-0 and were scoring at a pace of over 4 goals per game. I was expecting an undefeated season, and others were talking about the record for most wins in an NHL season. That is when the downward spiral began. The Caps went on to lose 8 out of the next 11 games, and in the last 7 games the Caps have only scored 13 goals and given up 23.

In those past 11 games after the undefeated start, Bruce Boudreau has tried just about everything to try to spark the team:


  • Goalie Switch: On October 29th, Bruce pulled Vokoun from the game against the Canucks after 3 goals against. Neuvy came in to give up 4.

  • Line Changes: On October 31st, Bruce changed the lines, moving Knuble to the 4th line. The Caps won their next 2 games.

  • Bench The Captain: On November 1st, Bruce kept Ovi out at a crucial moment late in the game. The Caps ended up winning the game, Ovi called Bruce a fat f**k, but what did it do to the Ovi/Bruce relationship?

  • Work Players Extra Hard: On November 9th, Bruce held a really tough high school style practice, having professional players skate suicides. The Caps won the next game, then lost 4 straight.

  • Bench Someone Else: On November 11th, Bruce kept Alex Semin on the bench for most of the game because of picking up stupid penalties (for one). The next game Semin picked up a stupid penalty.

  • Position Changes: On November 12th, Bruce moved Laich to defense instead of calling up someone from Hershey. The Caps lost the game.

  • Line Changes: On November 15th, Bruce separated the "Meat & Potatoes" lineup that had been a successful line for the Caps. This didn't help the Caps win any games.

  • Position Changes: On November 17th, Bruce moved Ovi to the right wing, despite him regularly playing as an all star left winger. The Caps lost that night to the Jets.

  • Line Changes: On November 18th, Bruce made changes to the top 2 lines. The Caps scored 1 goal the next game.

  • Give Players A Day To Rest: On November 18th, Bruce gave the guys a day off from practice to refresh their legs. The next game the Caps gave up 7 goals and only scored 1 in a bad loss to the Leafs.

  • Goalie Switch: On November 19th, Bruce pulled Vokoun from net again after 4 goals against. Neuvy came in to give up 3 more goals.
So far, these moves haven't really sparked the Caps. Boudreau is in some trouble if he doesn't get the team turned around to their 7-0 start form. I think he will, but hopefully for him the next move to spark the team isn't making a coaching change...

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I love this post in light of the Boudreau firing. Nice and thorough.

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