CVP: Cap Vs Predator

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pekka...Pekka Rinne...The Pek-Meister...Makin Copies...Makin Saves...

The Washington Capitals lost to the Nashville Predators in their ugly ass "mustard" uniforms at what sounded like a library by a score of 1-3. After 55 minutes of great goaltending, including a sick behind the back save by Rinne, Brouwer scored for the Caps.

Don't worry though, the Preds defender Shea Stadium scored a goal like 30 seconds later. Then with only 24 seconds left the Preds finished off the Caps to make the game a complete waste of time. Oh, I forgot the Preds got an empty netter 5 seconds later.

This lady HATES goals, and LOVES this game!

The game was dominated by the goalies, defense, and big hits. The Caps even thought about going into the 1-3-1 to make the game even more unwatchable, but they were only in that D for a few seconds. The game reminded me of those boring Ravens/Steelers games.

One positive; Semin picked up another stick penalty, but it was in the neutral zone not the offensive zone, so that was an improvement.

Notes & Questions:
  • How have the Predators existed for 14 years! I would have guessed 6.
  • What does a "good forechecking team" mean?
  • Bouillon Cube is a terrible nickname, but I have to admit I laughed.
  • What is NHL Green week? Do they not print out emails for a week? Is it the one week when Mike Green isn't injured?
  • Mucker Line? Pitchfork?
  • Wow 24 seconds left, Gary Glitter comes on, and Bruce with the clipboard. Now that is basketball! and Joe B mentioned a "fall-away jumper"
  • Jill Sorenson is the chick from Happy Gilmore right?


Jacob Wolf said...

*The Predators debuted in 1998. Last season, they won their first ever playoff series.
*Forechecking = pressuring the other team in their own zone in an effort to win back the puck. The 1-3-1 and the infamous "trap" involve no forechecking. Think of forechecking as hockey's version of a full court press. Good forechecking team = does that well.
*Mucker line = a team's 3rd or 4th line, less skilled players who are out there to hit and "muck things up."
*Pitchfork = I'm not completely sure about this one, but I think "pitchforking" means placing your stick blade between an opponent's legs.

Unknown said...

Ha ha, Jill Sorenson and Julie Bowen are Seperated at Birth! Never noticed that before.

Pitchfork was probably being used to describe the motion the player was using with his stick. He either (as the other commenter noted) had his stick between an opponents leg and decided to "raise your hands if you're sure" (to say hello to the other gentleman's ... uh... "boys"), to hook a players feet so as to reposition to be closer to his ears, or he pitchforked the puck up into the air to lob it in/out of a zone.

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