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DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, November 1, 2011

After quite the adventure and 3 TVs later I finally got a chance to finish watching the Caps defeat the Ducks in overtime 5-4. The Caps continue to score goals, as well as continue to give up goals. (LOL that was a John Madden comment). I mean they score a lot of goals, and give up a lot of goals.

The Ducks gave the Caps everything they had. The Ducks secret weapon, NHL '94 all-star Teemu Selanne, would be the fire the Ducks needed for the early advantage. Teemu must have drank some secret potion that made him younger, or must have been secretly controlled by a Super Nintendo controller held by a player my skill level. He had 4 points (and a +3 if you are one of those sick people who are into that stuff)

Luckily for the Caps the +3 did not give the Ducks 3 extra points and the Caps came back for the win. They scored 5 goals on what appeared to be a goalie that was cheating by having like 20 mini mustachioed guys on his helmet helping him make saves.

Sadly I wasn't on Twitter when the Ducks were 3-0 and you all were I right?

Game Notes & Questions:
  • I don't want to get in trouble, but I think that President Obama is comparable to Hiller. There I said it. That one was for old Hank.
  • It appeared that Vokoun, like he did in his first 2 games, was way out of position after making saves.
  • Did Art Monk look like he was enjoying the game?
  • I love the bit where they interview the assistant coach on the bench during the game. Sometimes he is smiling and sometimes he looks super pissed.
  • The Trapezoid Strikes again! On one of the Caps goals...
  • Why doesn't the defense want icing? 2 Caps were coming to the puck and 1 Duck was too. instead of letting it hit the board for the icing he reached out to stop it from hitting and then the 2 Caps stole the puck.
  • 8-19-20, 50-90-28, 25-21-42, 26-85-22: Line shifts or Lucky numbers in a fortune cookie?


Over_head said...

Icing will be called when the puck crossed the goal line extended, not when the puck hits boards. Honestly, I have no idea why they waved the icing off on that play. It is another confusing rule. Apparently, Hiller expected the icing to be called, when it was not he hesitated and Ward was on top of him. Here is a link to the icing rule, if you are interested:

OvechKing said...

The goalie cannot touch up for icing. So the goalie had to attempt to play it or give 2 caps players the free opportunity to score.

Chris Ford said...

I wasn't referring to the Goalie play. There was another play that I was talking about. However since i now know (and should have known) that icing is called after it crosses the line and not when it hits the board, the Icing was actually washed out on that play for some reason, and my question is invalid.

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