George Washington Writes Capital Letters

DC Sports Nexus ---- Saturday, November 26, 2011

"Going to Buffalo was like hitting a brick wall. Can't go out, can't do nothin" --Willis McGahee

On Saturday night the Washington Capitals will travel to Buffalo to take on a team that has a logo that is a picture of an animal that the city is named after combined with 2 swords.

That would be like if the Caps logo was a picture of George Washington writing a capital letter on a document. FYI Upstate NY, the Buffalo in "Buffalo Sabres" means a city, not an animal. (even if the city is named after an animal)

I went to Buffalo once. If you are from Buffalo you know why. It was because I was going to Niagra Falls and Toronto. Just ask Willis McGahee. There ain't S' to do in the Lo.

"There's an Applebees, a TGI Fridays, they just got a Dave & Busters...and you know the women"

What you talkin about Willis? Marshawn Lynch loves Buffalo and loves Applebees. The ambiance, the decour. He doesn't even know which one he likes better...the ambiance...or the decor.

Oh are we supposed to be talking about a hockey game? The Sabres have lost 4 of 5 including a 5-1 loss against the atrocious Blue Jackets last night.The Caps meanwhile have won 2 of their last 3. See how I can do anything with statistics! Despite the .666 winning percentage in the last 3 games the Caps are struggling.

The Caps freakout level was at full steam a week ago and after 2 wins at home it began to slow up. However a loss against the Rangers followed by a loss at Buffalo tonight would bring it right back to full power.

The Vokoun will be back in net, which means instead of having to score 6-7 goals to win they will have to score 3-4. Can they do it? I sure hope so...


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