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DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm not exactly sure what hockey coaches do. I know they stand up wearing a suit watching the game and occasionally call 1 timeout to draw up a play on a chalkboard. From my experience they curse a lot and make grandpa mouth noises...

The Capitals have fired their head coach Bruce Boudreau after the team has failed over and over again to get on track following coaching decisions. The Caps started out 7-0 but after that have gone 5-10.

This was the only move the Caps had left besides waiting it out for the team to turn around. As a coach Boudreau tried everything from benching players to holding tough practices. There was nothing left to shake up except the coaching staff. You can't bench/cut/trade an entire team.

How exciting. My first season of watching hockey and a coaching move early in the season. I should expect the new guy to be fired before the All-Star break right. I hear hockey is like that...Haven't coaches been fired right before playoffs? Barry Melrose lasted 16 games.

From my view, it didn't seem like the benching of players really did anything productive. If anything it made Bruce lose both Alexes. In the loss on Saturday night Semin and Ovi seemed emotionless. I don't care if a 4th line plays hard for you, you need the top guys. I would have given him another week, but I guess Ted didn't want to risk 3 more losses.

The new coach will be Davey Johnson Dale Hunter, who sounds like a baseball player. (Dale Murphy idiot). Hunter will move up from the Junior Hockey circuit where he was teaching players about the flying V and how to beat the Hawks. Wait, that was Emilio Estavez...who is Dale Hunter? Maybe I'll find out later today...stay tuned...


Chris Conway said...

Dale Hunter, if you haven't heard by now, was, without a doubt, the most hated player in the league for about a decade. For example, he was suspended for the first 21 games of the 1993-94 season for doing this as the Caps were about to get eliminated from the 1993 playoffs (Long Island politicians were clamoring for his arrest at the time): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xte-Vtxg-m8

He also scored one of the most famous goals in Caps history - game 7 OT vs Philly in the 1st round of the '88 playoffs (forward to 7:30): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7b5C-0Fj-as

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