Metropolitan Islanders, Contradiction? #areuseriousbro

DC Sports Nexus ---- Saturday, November 5, 2011

What's up broskies. There are thousands and thousands of islands in hte world. Hawaiian Islands. Samoa. Polynesian Islands. When I think of an Islander, I would think of those and 99% of all other islands before I thought of Long Island. Does anyone on Long Island consider themselves an islander? If someone said they were an islander would you ask if it was Strong Island?

They named the team that anyway? Are you serious bro? When they were naming the team did they realize that the NY Rangers also play on an island? I guess Manhattan doesn't have island in its name. Maybe when the Nets move to Brooklyn Jay Z will call them the NY Islanders also.

Editor's Note: I wish that the Caps were playing Rizzoli instead of the Isles. Does anyone even know what that show is? I think I know because it is on 106.7 The Fan's online feed commercials every single commercial break.

Check out Kings Of Leonsis...They Gave Me The Idea...

I remember a few years ago the Isles signed goalie Rick DiPietro to an insane 15 year contract and he has apparently been injured just about the whole time. He played last night, so I guess he will be in goal for the Caps game. Woo Woo Woo! You Know It!

Editor's Note 2: I'm hoping the Caps can pull off the win so I can fist pump and use the headline: Did The Caps Win? Isles-ay!

Notes for the game:
  • The Islanders have only won 3 games and are Dr. Pepper 10 points behind the Caps.

  • The Vokoun will be in goal for the Caps, DiPietro for the Isles.

  • I don't think any Caps got hurt last night, and I don't think Mike Green healed in 24 hours, so ... same lineup?
  • Eakin's NOT playing! ARE U SERIOUS BROOOOO!!!!

  • If you don't watch wrestling, you won't get this stuff
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