Can I Get My Hat Back!

DC Sports Nexus ---- Saturday, December 10, 2011

On Friday night, dozens of fans tossed their hats on the ice as Dennis Wideman appeared to have his 3rd goal of the game for the Washington Capitals.  As Wideman was interviewed after his apparent hat trick, he let everyone know that it was probably going to be taken away.  And now, it has been officially stricken from the records.  Wideman still finished with 4 points, and his non-3rd goal became his 2nd assist.  The problem is, what happened to all those hats people threw on the ice?

One of the great moments in hockey that I hope to one day witness live is the hat trick.  I want to be in attendance when this happens (for the Caps) so I can throw my hat down onto the ice and have a great sports story for the rest of my life.  The sports magic overrules common sense, and people throw their hats on the ice, but it is all forgiven as the opportunity cost of throwing your hat on the ice > the cost of that hat. (Econ B**ches!)

So what happens when you throw your hat on the ice and you realize that the hat trick never really happened. You basically just threw away your hat for no reason.  Are you gonna brag to your friends that you threw your hat on the ice after a nice assist.  You will be heckled.  At that point the opportunity cost of that story is probably NOT greater than the cost of the hat.

In fact, if I was duped into throwing my hat I would demand reparations!  I spent good money on that hat.  Like $5-10 of good money.  Some people even have hats with sentimental value.  I know a few people who's hats are so dirty and disgusting people won't go near them, but they won't replace them.  What if someone threw one of those hats!

In conclusion, I want the Capitals to give us back our hats.  They should take the trash cans filled with hats, dump them all on the floor at Verizon Center and let people come collect them using the honor code.  I mean what are we going to throw next time there REALLY is a hat trick?

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CapsFan722 said...

Here is a great article about what happens to the hats from hat-tricks. Some are donated to charities, some are kept by the player who scored the hat-trick, and some are kept and put in a clear bin displayed in the arena concourse, as the article notes the Caps are planning on doing at some point. A few years ago in a playoff game between the Caps and Pens, Ovie and Crosby both scored hat-tricks in the same game, with the Caps winning of course. Perhaps the greatest game I've ever attended.

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