Capitals Festivus Airing Of The Grievances

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, December 23, 2011

I got a lot of problems with you people...

Alex Ovechkin:  Step the F up.  Seriously.  Stop coasting around the ice like you are some random hockey player.  You are supposed to be the best scorer in the game.  When you score one game don't f' around the next.  Score again.  And Again.

Alex Semin:  I swear I saw you pull off some awesome moves, and I saw you take some great shots.  Do THAT all the time.  Stop spending time in the box.  How hard is it not to hold someone?  It is freaking easy.  You don't grab someone.  How do you not hook or NOT DOING IT.

Tomas Vokoun:  You are old.  You are just so old.  How did you get so freaking old.  You are a veteran.  You were the goalie on the Czech world championship team.  You are currently being outplayed by a younger Czech guy.  WTF.  STAY NEAR THE CREASE!  If the puck is on the left, only move slightly to the left.  Do not dive left.

Joel Ward:  Didn't you just get a 4 year 12 mil contract?  Maybe play like it?  You are spending more time in the box than Alex Semin.  Play Hockey!

Mike Green:  Stop being injured.  I just started watching the Caps and I don't even know who you are.  I've heard stories about you.  Heal DAMNIT!

Bruce Boudreau:  Why did you bench Ovi.  Why did you bench Semin.  Why didn't you win a million games like you were supposed to.  Now we have a Kid's team coach as our head coach!

Caps Front Office:  I'm waiting.  You fired the coach, but that can't be the only thing wrong.  Where is the next move?  Lets get it started.

Fans:  Stop selling tix to girls that have never been 100 miles from Pittsburgh who wear Penguins jerseys to Verizon when the Penguins aren't even playing.  Stop selling to these Flyers/Rangers fans who drink 30 beers and don't even remember going to the game also...

Feats Of Strength

Let's let Matt Hendrix fight Erskine, see what happens

A Festivus For The Rest Of Us

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