Caps vs Jackets

DC Sports Nexus ---- Saturday, December 31, 2011

Some good and bad things...

Caps:  They are nice if you are bald.  They are nice if you are a baseball player.  They give me a headache when I wear them.  I hate when people wear them backwards.  I hate when people wear them at all.  I like winter hats.

Jackets:  Jackets win by a landslide.  I'm always so cold.  It is always freezing.  Jackets keep me warm.  Jackets let me play in the snow.  You can always take off a jacket, but you can't put one on if you don't have one!

I saw a story about the Caps players wearing blue jackets and realized that the Caps were actually playing a team called the Blue Jackets.  They are from Ohio.  Yeah hockey in Ohio. WTF.

Anyways since nobody let me know that this game was happening, there is no awesome game preview with random rap song lyrics that nobody understands.  Instead, a pregame poem.

The Caps play the Jackets,
In a battle of apparel.
Scoring on Columbus,
Like shooting fish in a barrel.

Ovi Ovi Oh,
Say can you see.
A hat trick for the fans,
A hat trick for me.

It is New Years eve,
So I won't watch this game.
I have to drink heavily,
And live up to my name.

So Go Caps Go
Last game in Eleven
If you could just win this,
It would be just heaven...

Hope you liked this in depth hockey analysis...You are welcome...

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