How Many Alexes Does It Take To Screw A Blue Jacket?

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, January 1, 2012

Two.  Two Alexes.  That is how many Alexes it takes to screw a Blue Jacket.  That could be the number of Alexes it takes to screw the rest of the NHL too.  COULD...

Led by the streaking Alexes, the Caps defeated the Blue Jackets after a 4 goal 3rd period on New Year's eve giving the Caps their 3rd straight win.  Vokoun who has also been pretty good lately, saved 35 out of 37 shots from the Jacks (94%).

Ovi has 3 straight 2 point showings, and has scored 2 goals in each of the last 2 games.  His Russian partner Semin has been hot too, with 5 points during the 3 game winning streak.  Tommy V has saved 91 out of 95 for almost a 96% save percentage during the streak.

By the time the game had begun I was already on stop 4 of my New Years eve brewery/winery tour.  I had 10 different wines and like 37 different kinds of beers.  Not a good idea.  I mean a great idea at the time.  But in the morning after all those guys had time to mingle in my stomach, they decided they didn't like each other.  The stouts were fighting with the pilsners.  The hefeweizens were in a battle with the porters.  It was like WWIII in there.  Wait that has nothing to do with hockey...

So in the morning after the game I decided I would go online for a second.  I wouldn't go anywhere that might possibly bring up the score of the game.  Fail.  On some side banner on CSN's TV listings page was the final score!  DAMN!

After talking to some Caps fans I decided that I would only watch the 3rd period.  Wow...what a game for the Caps.  Wish I could have seen it without the spoiler...

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