Carbon Monixide Could Be Killing The Caps!

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, December 26, 2011

I just couldn't figure it out.  Last season the Caps were one of the top teams in the league.  This season, they had barely any turnover and didn't lose any of their key players besides a goalie who is struggling in Denver.  Bruce Boudreau tried every trick in the book and when that didn't work Dale Hunter replaced him but with not much change.  Then one day as I was randomly flipping channels, I caught the following story on the news and had my explanation.  Carobon Monixide was killing the Caps!

On the Today show, they ran a report about the dangers of indoor ice rinks.  According to them, being in an ice rink can be just as dangerous as closing your garage door and running your car. 

The reporter wanted some answers so contacted government agencies and congresspeople but they were all unavailable! Good reporting!  Way to get those sources!

While the ice rink at Kettler & Verizon may be clean, the report says there were LONG TERM effects, so it could be affecting any of the Caps players!

Some quotes from the report:

"TOXIC FUMES we can't see, smelll, or taste are literally making children SICK"

"In the past 2 years, news reports show that more than 250 people have been POISIONED at indoor ice rinks."

"The CULPRET...Those SMOKE BELCHING resurfacing machines"

"I've probably scared a lot of people and they should be"

The report suggest we get those whimpy electric zambonies.  Pshaw, hippies!  So please somebody find out what is going on with the Carbon Monoxide at Kettler & Verizon.  That is the only possible reason for the poor performance!!!

Here is the report:

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