Happy Boxing Day Canadian Readers!

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, December 26, 2011

I went to Canada once or twice.  "Twice" meaning I went from the front seat of my car to the back seat of my car at the border to say I went to Canada twice.  Give me a break, I was only 20 years old...actually I was like 10.

The only thing about Canadian culture that I learned on that family vacation was from Crayons.  The Crayon color names were in French instead of English, and I realized that some Canadians must speak French.

This year, because I am a hockey fan, I have been expanding my Canadian knowledge.  I even looked at a map and can point out where places like Edmonton and Winnipeg are!  I wrote a post about the Senators having a stupid name, only to learn that Canada had Senators!  Also on that day I learned that Ottawa is the capital of Canada, and is spelled with an Awa instead of an Owa.

That limited knowledge of my northern neighbor is why I had no idea what Boxing Day was.  So I present you with a report...Today is Boxing day in Canada...A day where people throughout Canada have off from work

and all Canadian citizens are required to enter 1 back alley boxing match

to take the day to pack all their junk in boxes so they aren't on Hoarders

so they can give one crappy present to their sad servants 

so they can go to the mall and trample people in a frenzy of crazed shopping madness.  DING DING DING  It's Canada's version of Black Friday.

Oh, what a coincidence.  Today is "Return Day" in the United States.  This is a day when US citizens are all ungrateful for receiving presents so we take the gifts that people spent lots of time, effort, and energy to buy us, and we return them for cash or One-Tree Hill DVDs.

Anyways, I'm sure this post has lots of misinformation and stuff, so anyone who wants to let me know what is wrong with Wikipedia can leave a comment.  Enjoy Boxing Day!!!

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Omar said...

The most important part of Boxing Day for many Canadians: The World Junior Championships start!


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