Joe B & Locker Kidnapped, Its Ok Caps win

DC Sports Nexus ---- Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Washington Capitals 4, New York Rangers 1

ATTENTION:  Someone has kidnapped Joe B & Locker and replaced them with terrible people who aren't funny and don't say dipsy-doo OR down the dasher.  Someone please help, we must find them before the next game on Friday!  What the hell is Action on the Ice supposed to do tonight!?  "Divingly" is not a freaking word!

The Search party will be leaving from Verizon Center immediately following the game.  Bring flashlights and orange vests.  We must succeed...we must find them!  I mean we'd leave now...but quite is more important.

With the dull and boring commentary & play call destroying my soul, the Caps started the game off with a Marjo goal on a rebounded Halpern miss around 8 minutes in.

After 2 great PKs for the Caps, the Rangers Callahan blocked a Caps shot.  The shot hurt him but helped the team as the puck riccocheted forward for a Rangers 2 on 1, which led to a goal.

In the final minute of the 1st period, a caps PP led to a great chance when Brouwer missed the puck and broke his stick when it came right to him with with an empty net.

In the 2nd period after an amazing half period of hockey, John Carlson saved a clear by getting down on his knees, and he popped up and fired the puck towards the goal from the blue line and into the net barely touching Brouwer  for a Caps 2-1 lead.

A few minutes later the Rangers turned it over and after the Backstrom steal he pushed the puck up ice to a cutting Semin who was wide open.  Semin made a great move to deke out the goalie and it was 3-1 Caps.

The Rangers came back in the 3rd period when Callahan kicked a soccer goal into the net off a rebound to cut the lead to one.  However, even I know that is not allowed, so after a call to the secret NHL HQ in Toronto, the goal was overturned by a ref who was the understudy for the micro machines guy.

Alex Semin scored his 2nd goal of the game on another great shot to seal the deal with 2 1/2 to play and almost picked up the hatty later in the game.  The Caps held the Rangers off for the remainder of the game and picked up the big win over the conference's best team.

Voko saved 31 out of 32 Rangers shots...Semin had 2 goals...Ovi had his first 2 point night in forever...Can't wait to watch 24/7 next week and can't wait for Friday!  A home contest against the Sabres...

Game Notes:

  • People love to bang on glass.  See Caps game and Pet store.  The people banging on the glass look like morons, its funny.  I'd do it.
  • Good crowd tonight, you could feel the energy at home
  • Vokoun was rocking the Beef Jerkey pads, Whats Up With That
  • Voko continued to use his trademarked Belly Flop maneuver, see last part of above
  • Happy days are here again!  Reminded me of 7-0.


Dru90 said...

I was so broken up about the Joe B and Locker not calling the game I went to see a college basketball instead. Figures the team would play good when I didn't watch.

hockey yelling said...

bacon goalie pads are good luck! NOTED.

what a game.

kenspy said...

Perhaps, after having sex with custom sexdolls the devil, human sexual encounters will never be as satisfying as they are now.

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