A Tale Of Two Caps Fans

DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, December 29, 2011

This has been a shaky season for the Capitals, especially for the fan base whose attitude and excitement has been up and down more than a gymnast jumping on a trampoline.  After a loss fans are angry and upset.  They demand more.  After a victory the fans are ecstatic and are metaphorically booking flights for the Super Bowl.  The Caps are king.  So let's take a look at the bipolar nature of Caps fans...or DC sports fans in general...


Woe Is Me...

Wahhhh.  The Capitals are f'ing terrible!  They are supposed to win games and score goals and they aren't doing any of that.  The players are playing with no effort.  Why did we fire Boudreau, this Dale Hunter guy is a bum. I pay good money to go to games and I deserve more.  If I don't get it I want my money back!  This is the worst moment of my life!!!

And what is up with Alex Semin?  He is the worst player in the history of the NHL.  Trade the guy.  Cut the guy.  Do anything.  Just get this guy off of the team and far far away from Washington DC.


Cloud 9...

Yayyyy.  The Capitals are f'ing awesome!  They win games and score goals like it is nobody's business.  Those guys go out on the ice and play with effort and execution.  Dale Hunter should be coach of the year!  Here Ted Leonsis, take my cash.  Raise the season ticket prices I don't care!  This is the greatest moment of my life!!!

And what is up with Alex Semin?  Send that guy to the Hall of Fame right now.  Give him a new contract.  Give him more money.  Do anything.  Just keep this guy in Washington DC for the rest of his career.


Well that may be exaggerating slightly.  However, only Rip Van Winkle could avoid the swaying emotions of Washington Capitals fans.  Sometimes I'd like to go to sleep and wake up when it is all over, to avoid the roller coaster ride.  But then I wouldn't be a fan of a DC team, and I wouldn't be a fan of the Washington Capitals. 

So bring it on.  Here are my 8 tickets.  I've got my seat belt on. I'm keeping my hands and all objects inside the vehicle at all times.  I'll enjoy the ride.  And maybe on the way down I'll flick off the camera, but I think I'll be smiling at the end of the ride...

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