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DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Washington Capitals 2, LA Kings 5

According to the stat sheet, the L.A. Kings do not have Wayne Gretzky on the roster any more.  However, the Kings still scored 5 goals and handed the Caps their 2nd straight overnight loss on the west coast.  While most fans bailed at 4-1, all getting their bras frozen, their faces inappropriately sharpied, and their pinkies set in warm water, I kept the Twitter #CapsSleepover alive and watched the remainder of the terrible game.

The Caps were so bad that even the Hawaiian singer that tricks girls into liking him using a guitar, Jack Johnson, turned the Caps upside-down, and the Kings played like they had eyes in the back of their heads.  Those are Jack Johnson songs right?

The Kings played physical hockey and capitalized on some classic Caps D-Zone turnovers while the Caps just had a nice free skate on the ice.  One Kings player even Tebowed after a goal.  I guess he didn't get the memo that the meme is doneski.  Only JC is allowed to Tebow.

For those of you who wasted your time watching a stupid BCS non-playoff style championship game that featured tons of everyone's favorite football play, the field goal, you wasted even more time staying up even later to watch the Caps get bounced.  Game ended 1:18am in DC.

Chimera got in a fight at the end of the game because he got hit hard a few times throughout the game.  The fight stopped a possible decent shot attempt by the Caps as well as put the Caps shorthanded which resulted in the dagger goal by the Kings.  It was down 3 with like 10 minutes left to come back.  Why is this a good thing?

Kings fans were good at getting chants together.  A nice "Refs You Suck" chant as well as an Addams Family version with "Caps Suck" instead of snaps.

Oh and Pat Sajak was there too...still no Vanna White this season...Wizards have lost 8 in a row, Caps have lost 2 in a row...Marjo had both goals...

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