DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Eddie Money Edition


Islanders @ Capitals

Tuesday, January 17th (7pm) CSN


I've got...2 tickets to paradise...

Actually I don't have tickets.  I wish I did.  Instead I have tickets to every Wizards game.  Great.  The Verizon Center aka Paradise should be rockin' tonight as the Caps can walk on water and are on a roll headed towards first place in the Southeast division.  Someone give me free tickets!  I occasionally write a blog.  As Coconut Pete would say, "You think Eddie Money has to put up with this shit?"

Take me home tonight...

The Caps need to take this win and get back on top where they belong.  I don't want to let them go til I see the light, the light of first place.  The Islanders suck.  They can be my little baby.  They are tied for last place in the East.  DiPietro is injured of course and I don't even know who the backup is...perhaps another guy that signed a 40 year contract?

Baby hold on to me...

Whatever will be will be, but the Caps have an opportunity and they need to take it.  This is the first of back to back games and tomorrow night's game against Montreal looks like it could be filled with a lot of physical play and physical non play.  The key to not having a letdown is to come out and score early and put this team away.  Then think about some sweet revenge tomorrow


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