Broken-Hearted on Valentine's Day

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Written By: Amanda Sansone, Caps B-Ball Contributor

There's not much to say today. It's been a rough few days for our heroes in red-- some bad decisions, terrible luck, and god-awful NBC coverage. Caps blew a 3-0 lead against the 'Peg last Thursday, never had a chance against the Rangers on Sunday, and well, they were Shark bait last night. Caps' offensive attempts have been great, but they've been stymied by ridiculous goal-tending, shot-blocking, and stupid goal posts. So good news is, their shots on goal numbers are fantastic. Bad news is that those shots aren't making it to the back of the net. At the other end of the ice, Vokoun, Neuvy, and Holtby all started and were all seriously left out in the cold by some shoddy defense. All three games featured flukey goals-against from neutral ice.  Including this Shark gem from last night:

Really!?!? Ya gotta feel for young Brayden Holtby... HE HAD IT! ... until he didn't... and instead of having the good fortune of the puck rolling out of his glove to his front, it rolled back, right over the goal line. UGH!!! Heart wrenching!

This team is like that guy (or gal) that you were completely infatuated with in college- so good looking and skilled (*wink wink, nudge nudge) and fun and charming. BUT they are constant disappointments. They drink all of your beer without replacing it, forget to show up for important events, never call when they say they will, and conveniently fall off the face of the planet the day they're supposed to meet your parents. GET IT TOGETHER CAPITALS! DON'T BE THAT GUY! Nobody likes That Guy! That Guy would never even get near a Stanley Cup... unless he got high and his frat brothers dared him to sneak into Brad Marchand's house over the summer and he tried to turn the Cup into a hookah...

BUT, maybe, just maybe they're just the guy who is a little uncertain, a little lazy, a little forgetful, a little afraid of committing because his last girlfriend was INSANE, but ultimately a real winner in the end when he finally gets his act together and turns on the AWESOME. That guy that finds a way to somehow make up for all of the mistakes and turns out to be The One. These guys (and gals) exist despite the naysayers. And the Caps, my friends, can totally be THAT GUY! But they have to leave the baggage at the door.

ANYWHO, point is-- the Caps are off until Friday... they get to sit around and watch all the other teams get points while they sit in 9th and hope not to slip farther back. Every game counts now! They're not used to this uncertainty this late in the season. For the past several seasons, they've been locked into 1st in the division by this point. So on this Valentine's Day, have a little hope that our boys will come through. They cannot be THAT guy. Don't let us down, Caps. Our fragile hearts can only take so much!!

In other heartbreaking news, Brooks Laich brought a date to the Caps Care Casino Night. So, there's that for ya. Bummer.

I think Matt Skiba understands.... Happy Valentine's Day Caps Fans! 

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