Huge Win For The Caps

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, February 17, 2012

The Caps defeated the Florida Panthers for the second time in the past 11 days picking up a huge 2 points on the division leaders.  The Caps are now 1 back of the Maple Leafs and 2 back of the Panthers.  This was a big victory for the Caps, but we said that last week also after they beat the Panthers 4-0.  After that game they lost three straight.

The Alex connection each put in a goal in the 3rd period and I'm sure somewhere all the NBC announcers and analysts were crying and punching holes in walls.  I know I'm late on this but those NBC guys are annoying as hell.  "I never thought I'd see Alex Semin block a shot"  F You NBC.

The Caps had 30 shots through 2 periods and fired in another 11 in the 3rd period which is a good thing as they have been getting the puck towards the net a lot more than earlier in the year.  10 more days til the trade deadline...Is something gonna happen or are they gonna go with what they have?

I have a question.  I'm still saying I'm new to hockey so maybe I just don't get it.  The 2nd star of the game was Jose Theodore.  So hockey gives a player of the game award to a player that was the losing goalie who gave up 2 goals?  Sure almost 40 saves is a lot, but come on.  That's like giving the player of the game to the losing pitcher in a baseball game instead of the winning pitcher.


Dave Nichols said...

The three stars are voted on by local media. And I agree Theodore was one of the stars of the game, FWIW.

Chris Conway said...

About the 3 stars - making 40 saves and losing 2-1 will almost always earn a star. And to use your analogy, if baseball had the 3 stars system, a pitcher losing a 2-1 game and going 9 innings would, i'd imagine, always be voted one of the stars. And on a larger scale, twice in the last 25 years the goalie on the team that lost in the Stanley Cup Final won the Conn Smythe award (playoff MVP), so hockey has a history of rewarding goalies when they stand on their head but don't win - although that can be awkward:

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