The battle of the dumpster fires

DC Sports Nexus ---- Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Caps are down to the wire in terms of time to make the Playoffs, they have 4 games left and their opponents are the Habs, Lightning, and Rags, err, I mean Rangers.

Tonight the Caps face the mighty dumpster fire known as the Montreal Canadiens, or to some, as the we-only-like-French-speaking-people team. No matter their name, they’re impressively worse than the Caps this season.

The Canadiens are going to be coming into tonights game more pissed than a rattlesnake due to their 4-1 craptacular loss to the Rangers last night. Not bad motivation, eh? While the Canadiens might be on “fire”, with their record against, all the Caps need to worry about is a repeat of the Borque Incident.

I mean, you thought the Caps were bad? Montreal is a 29-35-14 measly for the season while the Caps are 39-31-8. Considering the Caps have fairly trounced Montreal the last 4 times they played them, it’s safe to say this is a win, no?

With that, Let me bring you down memory lane. Remember that freaking awesome 2009-2010 season? Ya know, when the Caps won the Presidents Trophy and were going to win the Cup hands down? Remember that little, 8th seeded team that made us pull our hair out? Yeah, those were the Canadiens.

It’s been two years and we’ve scincerely murdered them since then, but with the Caps deadline swiftly approaching, you can’t help but think that’s gotta ignite the flame a little. And, cripes, Caps, it’s the CANADIENS! If you guys can kill Detroit, then I think you guys can beat this dumpster fire of a team.

Other important notes:

-The Super Swede is back tonight! Win this one for Backy, guys.

-Neuvirths starting against Montreals irrelevant and terrible goalie.

-Renne Borque is going DOWN. Please…?

"Written by Camilla Alsobrook, Caps BBall's Teen Corrospondent.  Camilla also writes for Puck Buddy's and Captial Connection."

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