Caps Collapse, Down Goes Thomas, Caps Win

DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, March 29, 2012

I will never call him Hendricks...he will be known as Hendrix because he made Tim Thomas rock & roll...

As Tim Thomas fell to the ground he suddenly realized what had just happened to him.  He had his ankles broken and there was nothing he could do about it.  His body collapsed to the ground and he didn't even have to look to know the puck was in the net.  Frustrated and embarrassed, Thomas slammed his goalie stick a few times in anger.  Not only had Matt Hendrix scored, but he had made the defending Stanley Cup champion goalie Tim Thomas look like that marathon runner who's legs just gave up on him right at the finish line.  #Filthy.

Earlier in the night, the Washington Capitals were cruising to a great win against the Bruins in Boston.  However, with under 4 minutes remaining, as I was about to leave the bar, the Bruins scored 2 quick goals to send the game to overtime.

With a 2-0 lead and only half a period remaining, I started looking ahead to the Buffalo game tomorrow night.  But the Bruins decided that I was too premature.  They put in 2 goals in the final 4 minutes, the second going right through Neuvy to tie up the game with under 2 minutes remaining.

That brings us back to the shootout where Matty destroyed Tim Thomas' soul.  After that, Thomas ended up saving an Ovi shot, but couldn't stop anything else and the Capitals pulled off the huge overtime upset.

As Laich's game winning shootout goal went in the net, the bartender started counting the people in the bar.  A few minutes later the 30 people in the bar all had red shots in front of them and after a LETS GO CAPS toast it was down the hatch.  Very nice.

Tomas Vokoun who came back from injury left as soon as he arrived and Nuevy was left with the responsibility to stop the Bruins.  The Voko injury is making it look like he won't be a lock for the playoffs (if they happen) so Neuvy may be forced to be the man.

Chimera was ejected from the game after boarding a Bruin on a semi-unnessisary play.  He not only boarded him but he seemed to leave his feet to do it.  No clue if there will be a suspension, it was not an elbow to the head or anything, but we will see.  Chimera was jawing with the Bruins as well as the crowd as he was escorted to the locker room.

The Sabres play tomorrow night, a loss would put the Caps back into a tie, and the Caps next game is on Saturday against the Canadians.  4 games left.  Holy hell this is close....

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