Crowd Not Happy, But They Should Be

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, March 2, 2012 least when they wake up and the blowout is out of their minds...


Terrible turnovers, a lack of offense, and let down after let down…

As the crowd booed, the lets go caps horn started playing randomly to try and stop people.  I hate noisemakers in games.  If the crowd is booing, let them boo.   The cheers should naturally rise above the boos without cheating with a loud instrument.  If it doesn’t, then that means the boos are deserved (or the fans are idiots)  It just sounds sad when a horn plays to stop people from booing.

The crowds are not happy.  The Caps are teetering just behind the 8th seed.  The GM didn’t do anything to shake up the roster.  The Caps are losing.  The crowd can see that the Caps are good enough to win big games, but are scared because the Caps are inconsistent and after every big win or big streak comes a worse loss or negative streak.  Even if they sneak into the playoffs can they win a series.  I have no doubt they can win a game 7-0.  But can they follow that up with 3 other wins?

Right before this game the Caps were set to lose another game.  Somehow they ended up with 2 points after scoring 3 goals in 4 minutes.  That 4 minute burst is not going to be good enough to win a playoff series.  I look at that game as an L.  The ability to come back is a good thing, but I like to see the comeback followed by a solid win instead of a blowout loss. 


This is my first season watching the Caps.  I wish I came from a world where hockey began this year.  Instead I have expectations of the Caps based on living in the area forever.  Even as a new fan I am thinking that the team should be a top team and I’m disappointed they are near the 8th seed. 

Maybe that is not the right attitude.  The playoff hunt should be excitement enough.  Pretending the Caps are an underdog makes this season actually a really good season.  I mean why can’t we imagine they are the Skins, the Nats, the Zards?  Can you imagine how amazing it would be for those other teams to be 1 point/1 game out of the playoffs.

So lets just accept that the Caps will win some and lose some and hope they pick up an extra game or two and hope some other teams lose a game or two.  Because it doesn’t seem like the team is going to start winning a crazy amount games now, but anything could happen if they squeak into the playoffs.

A DC Team in the playoffs.  Look at that again.  A DC Team in the playoffs.  Isn't that the most amazing thing you have ever seen!  I'm pumped...

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