Is Vokoun Really Injured? Goalies Are Shifting!

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, March 4, 2012

Conspiracy Theory!!!

On February 20th, Tomas Vokoun gave up 2 goals in the first 5 minutes of a game against the Hurricanes.  Dale Hunter opted to pull Voko early before Carolina could do any more damage.

The very next game, two days later, Dale Hunter pulled Vokoun again, after Tomas gave up 4 goals in only 11 shots to the Senators.  This time Voko made it a whole period and a half.

In those two games Vokoun gave up 6 goals in 18 shots.  Terrible...yes.  And I guess Hunter had enough as Tomas hasn't played a game since.  Neuvirth came in and led the team to three wins.  Life was good.

However, on Friday night, Neuvirth gave up 4 goals in the first 23 minutes of the game.  But Dale Hunter did not pull Michal.  Instead he said he wanted him to "battle through it".

If I was Vokoun I would be really pissed off after being pulled in consecutive games and then not getting a chance to play when the other goalie had a rough game.

Now they are saying that Vokoun has a mysterious lower-body injury that happened during some mysterious warm-up.  I don't really buy it.  I feel like they may be done with Voko and/or Voko may be done with the Caps.

So now the AHL goalie, Holtby, has been called up to the Caps.  However this time the Caps pulled up a goalie, Macgruber?, to Hershey from the ECHL to take his place.  Is this a temporary move, or is this something that is going to remain for the rest of the season?

My 0 years of hockey experience says PERMANENT!  Thoughts?

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