Jets Squeak By The Caps

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, March 16, 2012

The Caps lost a tough one to the Jets 3-2 on Friday night in Winnipeg.  The crowd in the Peg was loud.  I mean really loud.  That place would be fun to visit for a game.  However they did moan and groan every single check demanding a Caps penalty which was pretty stupid.  The game was filled with big hits and bodies were flying all over the place.  You would think this game meant something maybe.

The Jets got the scoring started with a goal but while the in house announcer was announcing the goal and assists and while Joe B was worried the Winnipeg crowd would be really effective with a lead Brooks Laich tipped in a Marjo shot to tie the game.

The Jets scored again late in the second period after Alex Ovechkin had no idea what he was doing on defense.  Ovi basically skated in circles being indecisive and not committing to anyone.  A few seconds later the Jets had a very very very near miss that would have been a backbreaker.

The Jets had a double powerplay 5 on 3 for most of the final 2 minutes of the period.  The PK went crazy with Beagle blocking shots and Vokoun making some killer saves.  Right after the PK fresh out of the box the Caps had a semi breakaway and the Jets were called for holding with 8 seconds left in the period...and...

27 seconds into the final period on the powerplay, Perrault scored a huge goal to tie the game.
The Jets scored again in the 3rd and the Caps had 1 last chance with a powerplay in the final 2 minutes.  With a pulled goalie it was 6 on 4 but the Caps couldn't get the puck in the net.

Vokoun had some huge saves and was looking like a brick wall.  You would think every save hit a post (there were a couple dings) the way the crowd reacted.  Voko also came far out of the crease a bunch of times like he always does.  Dale Hunter has been back and forth for much of the season but earlier he had Vokoun as the main man and I think Voko is going to be the guy from here on out.

Marjo got leveled and wobbled to the bench, hoping it isn't a concussion...he did come back though which means he passed the concussion test.

Next up Sunday vs Chicago, but next Friday in DC the Caps have a huge game against the Jets that is going to be a playoff atmosphere...can't wait

Game Notes:

  • Joe B is on a calling arena's "barns" kick
  • Locker said a Semin play was "soap on a rope"
  • Brouwer looks like Kurt Warner or a Punter the way his shoulder pads are so oversized
  • "Ovi Sucks" chant
  • We get it, Aucoin has a big stick, I do too but you don't hear people talking about it.
  • Locker was getting pissed at the refs because "the fan's made the call"
  • Beagle had an awesome game on special teams
  • Byfugleson on the Jets pretended he was putting his sword away after slaying a dragon

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