Like Me In High School, The Caps Can't Score

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Caps lost to the Flyers on Sunday night at the Verizon Center after another game where the opposing goaltender shut out the struggling Caps.  Also the Panthers won, moving another 2 points ahead of the Caps and it is looking like Winnipeg is going to be the team to beat...It isn't time to panic yet, but things aren't looking so good with the Caps offense.

The Caps now have been shut out 2 games in a row and aside from about 4 minutes in the game against the Islanders, they haven't really scored in 173 minutes.  Not ... good.

The Caps seem to have terrible stick handling on any zone entry, typically have a one on one break instead of an odd man rush, and they can't put the puck in the net when the goalie is the only person in the way of the goal.

Neuvirth had a great game, saving the Caps on several great Flyers shots, but with zero offense giving up only 1 goal isn't going to pick up a win.  The fact that Humangus Bryz playd Humangus Big didn't help much either.

Two more games at home starting with the Hurricanes on Tuesday night ... I'm gonna close my eyes, cuz I can't watch anymore...

Game Notes:

  • Ovi only played 16 minutes
  • The announcers sucked, also they referred to Jagr's 2 years in DC as "memorable".  They also believe the Flyers are the greatest team in NHL history and have the greatest GM in the world.
  • 17 games left, the countdown and 8th seed watch is kicking into full swing now

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