Newsflash: Ovechkin Is Still On The Roster!

DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Caps picked up a huge win at home on Thursday night over the Tampa Bay Lightning to get 2 humangus big points in the standings in front of the deadest crowd of the season at Verizon.  Despite the lack of fan assistance the Caps managed to score a game tying goal in the final 4 minutes of the game (the Lightning stopped playing offense and ran a prevent defense) and then Ovechkin put it in the net in the OT for the deuce.

Now 2 points is great, but the way the Caps won is following their latest pattern.  This seems to be what the Caps do these days.  They trail in the final minutes, and have to score a goal with time running down to win or force an OT. We'll take it, but it needs to change.

The Caps have now gotten 1 1/2 points per game in the last 2 games which is what they may have to average for the rest of the season in order to slip into the playoffs.  Although they are also only 2 points out of the top of the division.  Really?  Really?

We can thank the Caps a bit, but can also thank the rest of the division and conference for not taking control of their own destiny.  How are the Caps still in the hunt?

They keep calling it a "must-win" and it isn't really.  Until you look at the upcoming road trip and at the Caps season record on the road.  But with the Jets/Panthers/Sabres et al, anything can happen and we can save the "must win" for when we hit the final 5-10 games.

(announcer, who is like "omg what if they lost" - the answer is they would be in the same position they were before tonight (if the Jets lose) and the season would be far from over.  The "must-win" thing that the media and fans are using is getting annoying)

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