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DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, March 9, 2012

As of today, March 9th, 2012, the Capitals are in the 8th spot in the Eastern Conference playoff hunt.  I have to tell you the date because sometimes people read these stories the next day.  And with the Caps, the next day the Caps could be in like 10th place. 

The Caps will be in Boston tomorrow who last time I checked were a decent team.  Then on Sunday they will be in Toronto for the back 2 back. 

Monday morning could be a very interesting day in the standings.  Florida and Winnipeg play today.  The Caps, Buffalo, Tampa Bay, and Toronto play tomorrow.  And the Panthers play Sunday along with the Toronto/DC matchup.

The Caps have 4 points up for grabs, and if they can get 1 against the Bruins and a W against the Leafs, they will be in good shape.

Best Case Monday:  (3rd Seed) Caps 76, Florida 74, Winnipeg 72
Worst Case Monday:  (10th Seed)   Florida 76, Winnipeg 74, Buffalo 72, Caps 72, Tampa Bay 71, Toronto 71.

Wow, best case 3rd seed worst case 10th seed after just 1 weekend.  March Madness!

WARNING!  SATURDAY'S GAME IS AT 1:00 PM!  So don't be like me and sleep til 3pm and turn the TV on at 7pm.  Also Sunday's game is at 5:00 PM!

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