3 second rule, Caps

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hey Caps fans, tomorrow's game 7! Which means, if the Caps crap the bed, I'm going to have to root for the Kitties and/or Rangers. And trust me, you don't want that to happen. So, I've come up with a new rule!

This is the rule of threes, they're supposed to help prevent the Bumble Bees from scoring and help the Caps move on to the second round.
Rule #1: If the puck is in the defensive zone, CLEAR IT! Ice it, actually try to score, I dont' care get it out.
Rule #2: When going into the offensive zone, make sure there are at least three guys on the attack. This will help create the magical triangle and more chances on net.
Rule #3: When three Bruins are skating down the ice, get your butts in your zone to help Holtby! He can't do it all by himself, folks.
Rule #4: If you have less than three goals, ACT LIKE YOU HAVE NONE. Don't go into a defensive shell because this will eventually lead to the Bruins catching up. Really, no lead is safe, but three is usually safe.

If the Caps can follow those golden rules, they'll win and hopefully, tell the Bruins where they can stick it.

Prediction: Someone's going to be drop kicked off the island tomorrow.

My inspiration for tomorrow's game. I listen to GREAT music, guys.

Written by Camilla Alsobrook, Caps BBall's Teen Corrospondent.  Camilla also writes for Puck Buddy's and Captial Connection.

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