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DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, April 2, 2012

After the Sabres destroyed the Washington Capitals 5-1 last week, things were not looking good for the Caps.  They weren't far out of the playoffs, but Buffalo was on fire, and the Caps were still the same streaky team.

Well the Sabres have decided that they do not want the playoffs, and they are looking to give it to the Caps.  So do the Caps want it?

Buffalo lost their last 2 games giving up 9 goals to the Penguins and Leafs.  Meanwhile the Caps have won their last 2 games, both in shootouts, both after giving up 2 goal leads.   While it isn't looking pretty for either team, the Caps have come out of the weekend with the upper hand.

The playoffs are sitting right there on the shelf.  Looking around there is nobody watching.  There are no security cameras.  The playoffs don't even have an electronic security sensor.  Your move Caps.

Only 3 games left...

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