Playaz In DC (Puck So Hard)

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, April 2, 2012

Another day and another Caps song.  This one from that Jay-Z and Kanye West song N---- In Paris. This was written at the beginning of the year and never recorded til now.

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I Puck so hard mothaf'ers wanna fine me, first refs got to find me
What's 30 bucks to a mothaf'er like me, can you please remind me?
(Puck so hard) This team crazy, y'all don't know that L's don't faze me
The Caps won't go, 0 for 82, so I look at you, like this shit gravy

(Puck so hard) This team weird, we ain't even posed to be here
(Puck so hard) Since we here, it's only right that we'd win fair
Psycho: I'm liable to go Gretzky, take your pick
Ovi, Greeny, Backstrom, Game 6

(Puck so hard) Got a soaked sock, Greeny's got to see the big doc
PK's that's losing time, Ward behind all these big blocks
(Puck so hard) I'm shocked too, We supposed to be up by two
If you skate like we skate, you'd be in DC getting f'd up too

(Puck so hard) Let’s get faded, Homestand for like 6 days
Goal's scorin, not borin', shootin’ Aces on my sick Plays
(Puck so hard) Just behave, just might let you meet Ovi
China town's, A. Sem, is moving the Caps, to the Stanlay

Puck so hard mother'fers wanna fine me. That shot gray, that shot gray, that shot gray.
Puck so hard mother'fers wanna fine me. That shot gray, that shot gray, that shot gray.

He said, "'Yo ref, make a f'ing call?"
I said, "Check that guy right into the wall"
Come and meet me for a post game bar crawl.
And show me that you're not afraid to brawl"

(Puck so hard) That shot gray (that shot gray) ain’t it Knubay?
(Puck so hard)What she order, (what she order) penguin filet?
(Puck so hard) "Your ice so cold!" (So cold) Thats our thing.
(Puck so hard)Act like you’ll ever be around a first place team like this again

Crosby girl, grab her hand, f' that b***h she don’t wanna dance
Excuse my French but I’m in France, I’m just sayin'
Wideman ain’t do it right if you ask me
Cause I was him I would have checked Henrik & Danny

What’s Reebok, my Playa? What’s Nike, my killa?
What’s Vaughn, my deala? Who's that goalie, Godzilla?
Doctors say we the illest, cause we suffering from realness
Got them rockin the red, and they going gorillas, heh!

I don't even know what that means...No one knows what it means, but it's get's the people goin!

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