Caps In The Playoffs, Do People Care?

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, April 13, 2012

I went to Nationals opening day yesterday.  The game was pretty packed but not full by any means.  There were hundreds of empty seats.  Lots of people were just standing at the bar not watching the game.  About 50 people were sitting in a "lounge" area just chatting like they weren't at a baseball game.

That is about the level of caring I think the casual DC fans have for this season's Caps playoffs.  After the baseball game I went to a few bars to watch a DC playoff team.  Everyone else at the bar went there to drink on a Thursday night.   There was 1 other guy out of the 100 people at the bar that was reacting to the exciting overtime playoff game.

As a non-Caps fan before this season, even I watched the playoffs the past 2 years.  I went to a Nationals game where people were watching the game on tiny TVs instead of the baseball game they paid to go to.  It was a different feeling in the area last night.

The casual fan is assuming the Caps will lose and they don't really seem to care about watching it happen.  I guess that casual fan used to be me, and all of you were getting upset at me for not paying attention to the Caps.

Man was it annoying to watch the Caps lose a heartbreaker and nobody did anything but look up at the TV for one second then get back to drinking...

Oh and guys at the bar, pink shirts are for girls...

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Camcoco said...

Speaking for myself, I was watching the Caps game in more red than a damn Cardinal (the bird) reading about food stamps and cheering. Some of us care, we're just less...visible.

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