Caps Regain The Edge

DC Sports Nexus ---- Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Caps finally got a 2 goal lead but in less than 30 seconds it was gone.  However the Brouwer-play came through with 3 minutes remaining to give the Caps a huge game 5 victory.  The Caps are heading back home tomorrow at 3pm to try to eliminate the defending Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins.

After a period and a half where it looked like there may not be much scoring for the day, the Caps came out and netted 2 goals in 4 minutes on the Bruins for their first 2 goal lead of the series.

Semin picked up a goal off of a rebound and won't believe this...Joel Ward...did...something.  He pushed the puck towards the net and Tim Thomas "saved" it directly to Mike Knuble for the rebound goal.  The Knuble heads were going nuts because clearly nobody but Knuble would have scored on that open net.

Things were looking great for the Caps, I was about to shell out $140 for a ticket to game 6, I was smiling...Then I dropped a quarter on the floor and when i looked up it was 2-2.  Somehow the Bruins scored 2 quickies in 30 seconds...that somehow being letting up on offense in favor of defense.

The Bruins Benoit Pouliot, which sounds like a fake name, slashed Nick Backstrom like he was Freddy Kruger and the Brouwer-play came on the ice and iced the Bruins.

Also at one point in the game, Holtby saved a goal with an amazing save where he did the splits, which would have killed a normal human...See ya tomorrow afternoon at Verizon (someone sell me tickets please)

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