Keys To Game 5

DC Sports Nexus ---- Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Caps are in Boston right now, ready to start this series over again.  It is all new, a 3 game series.  Advantage Boston, with 2 of the 3 at home.  But the Caps don't care who's advantage it is, they know they can beat the Bruins at home and on the road.  I've got 3 keys to the game, because I'm clearly a hockey expert:

1.  Get A Two Goal Lead

If the Caps want to win this important momentum changer they are going to have to get a two goal lead.  They have continued to score a goal, then let one in, and while it has kept them even, it won't cut it for the whole series.  See #2 for more info why.

2.  Remain Aggressive With The Lead

Once the Caps get the lead, they are going to have to stay aggressive.  No putting Ovechkin on the bench, no playing Dale Hunter's "prevent defense".  Attack, attack, attack.  Keep the pressure on the Bruins defense.

3.  Keep The Boston Crowd Quiet

In game 2 when the Caps won up in Boston the crowd was dead silent for most of the game.  The Caps went into the 3rd period with a lead, but only a 1 goal lead.  As time ticked down the crowd got louder and louder.  Then the Bruins tied up the game and the place was ready to explode.  Luckily the Caps kept their composure, but they may not be able to repeat that performance.

As you can see these may be "3 keys" but really they are all interrelated.  They can't really do one without the other.  To keep the crowd quiet they need to remain aggressive with the lead, to get a two goal lead they have to remain aggressive with the lead.  A two goal lead quiets the crowd...Interrelation...

Let's Go Caps!

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