Come Clean, Bruins

DC Sports Nexus ---- Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Monday nights loss, was a tough one ,Caps fan. But we've got to let it go, and move on from that dirty game. Yeah, I'm using the word dirty. Entirely fitting considering Lucic and Marchand mercilessly going after Backstroms head. His suspension? Not a huge fan. I know why he got one and technically, that's fair. But with all this fabulous officiating going on, it doesn't really make me feel warm and fuzzy when Nicky gets a suspension, but Lucic doesn't. Oh, NHL, please change. Soon.

May I also point out my extreme annoyance and in general pissed off-ness due to the Caps inability to hold a lead. Hi, Caps, believe it or not, to win games you have to have one more goal than the other team and that generally happens by going to the net and, ya know, shooting. It was bad enough doing it once in a game, but twice? Killing me smalls, guys.

If the Caps can somehow manage to hold on to a lead, score occasionally, keep pressure in Bostons end and on their ever so classy goalie, we should be in high cotton. Granted, that won't be easy considering their best center is out for the game. But the Caps did win the majority of their games against the Bruins without him during the regular season.

I can't say for sure they're going to win Thursday, because I have no fliberty gibet idea, but if the Caps can press the attack and keep a good defensive presence, they have a gosh darn good chance.

My predictions? Let me look into my crystal ball of no pine apple idea...Hmm, I see Jay Beagle remaining in the line up, with Knuble still out. Maybe (please for hte love of grapes!) Hamrlick being pulled for Orlov...and maybe a serious Lucic tushy beating via Chimners, Hendy, and or Brouwster...the Crystal ball of no pine apple idea has spoken.

Now, a song to help you clear your mind for tomorrows game! (You'd never guess, but I liked this one when I was 8 too)

Written by Camilla Alsobrook (Camcoco), Caps BBall's Teen Corrospondent. Camilla also writes for Puck Buddy's and Captial Connection.

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