A Concussion Means The Caps Won

DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, April 19, 2012

As the 3rd period began, all I could do is watch the clock.  "Why aren't you moving faster!"  The clock ticked down, but the Bruins chances of scoring didn't stop.  Holtby was stopping everything, but  the Caps have been down this road before.  Every single shot, pass, check...I was freaking out.  The Bruins were going to score...it was inevitable...

Then all of a sudden there were 9 seconds left in the game.  Somehow I was still breathing and my heart was still doing whatever a heart does with blood to keep me alive.  The faceoff was in the Caps zone and the Bruins had a chance to tie the game.  I couldn't watch.  I literally focused both of my eyes on the clock.  The puck was dropped, the Bruins got the puck, and...

There were still 9 seconds on the clock...HOW!  I was jumping up and down, my hands were on my head, I was yelling but not making words.  Those 9 seconds lasted an eternity.  Then I realized why it was seeming so long.  THEY DIDN'T START THE CLOCK!  There was a faceoff and some puck movement, but 0 time had ticked off.  I screamed at the TV.  My face almost exploded!

As I grabbed the shoulders of the stranger next to me I'm pretty sure my heart stopped beating.  I couldn't feel my body.  My whole life flashed before my eyes.  The Bruins were getting the puck near the goal and the time wasn't going quick enough.  Suddenly Holtby had the puck and I heard a buzzer.  The period was over??? Was I imagining the sound.  Did Holtby even have the puck?

I stared at the TV hoping that puck was in Holtby's glove...that was about the time my head hit the floor.  Although my cranium had just smashed into the solid beer covered ground of the bar I had a huge smile on my face.  I knew that the fact that I was on the ground in pain meant that the Caps had really won.  It was true!  I wasn't dreaming!

After a few woozy seconds I got back off the floor.  Although I was still happy the Caps won I was now quite angry at my friend for knocking me over when it happened.  Who does that!  I did not actually get a concussion, but the second part of the post title was true.  The Caps Won!

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